This Way or That Way?
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It all began with a dream to hike the entire Arizona Trail.  Our lifestyle redesign has been in the works for several years and we were excited to finally get on the trail last fall! It's turning out to be about more than just the Arizona Trail, however...


It's morphing into an 'Exploring the Southwest and Vagabonding' story. This trip isn't just taking time off for a few months.  For us this is a life change and the beginning of a new phase.  Hopefully, the first of many adventures (assuming we survive this one!)


We've hiked and backpacked and camped in Arizona for years.  We love the desert and our mission is to complete the Arizona Trail. Eventually.


This is really more than just a hiking story.  It's about a a lifestyle change, extreme downsizing, learning to live on less, and the Arizona Trail.  We're a bit different than many people tackling a long distance trail and living this lifestyle and we're doing this hike a bit differently than most.  We haven't logged zillions of miles and don't consider a 20 mile day an 'easy' day.  We're not living out of a fancy built out van or trailer. We're middle-aged and most of our gear is old and, by today's UL standards, heavy.  We're getting by with what we have until it wears out and figuring it out as we go.  All of this gives us a different perspective than many individuals you will find on long distance trails and vagabonding.