Custom Big Tesuque Dog Collar

Custom Big Tesuque Dog Collar

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This first time I made one of these big collars was at the Big Tesuque campground in the Santa Fe National Forest. This is a fairly wide collar at about 2”. It can be one, two, or three colors. Baron is pictured wearing a black and desert camo collar. You pick the size, colors, and what kind of closer you want.

You and your dog will look super sharp with a matching leash - select one of the matching leash options to design your own!

Size and Hardware:
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All collars come standard with a heavy duty 1” black plastic buckle, strength tested to 340 lbs. You may choose either half check chain or an aluminum buckle instead. If you have a big, strong dog who likes to pull or lunge at cats (like mine!), I recommend the aluminum buckle, which is strength tested to 500 lbs. Buckled collars include a 1” welded heavy D-ring and all collars include a 1/2” D-ring for tags.

How Do I Know What Size? The best way to make sure we get the right size collar for your dog is to measure a collar you have now that fits well (ideally fairly snug, you should be able to get a couple fingers underneath when it's on your dog). Lay the collar flat and measure from where the buckles meet (see picture). Also measure the middle of your dogs neck and give me that measurement in the comments.

Tell me in the comments the exact size and what colors you would like. You may choose from 1 to 3 colors for this collar. For this design, please let me know which color you want on the outside and which color(s) you want on the inside. Please give a good e-mail address as I will likely need to contact you regarding your custom order to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

All items are woven by hand with love from Commercial Type III 550 Paracord. These handmade items not only look cool, but are designed to last for years.  For those not familiar with 550 Paracord, it is very durable and strong. The 550 means it is tested to 550 lbs of pull strength. We have a big dog who sometimes pulls or lunges at cats, so I make everything with strength in mind.  I test everything out on him to make sure it’s durable and sturdy and will hold up to his shenanigans. All items are washable either by hand or in a gentle cycle in a washing machine.  Lay flat to air dry only.

If you don't see colors you like - just let me know what you want and I’ll get it for you! There’s alot of options here, so please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have prior to ordering.