Chocolate Brown and Desert Camo Set

Chocolate Brown and Desert Camo Set

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This set consists of a 50” Hugs and Kisses leash and a 17” Cibola collar that is about 1” wide. It was used a few times by Baron for some modeling and testing. It is washed and clean - you wouldn’t know it had been worn except that it’s softened up a bit.

If you're not crazy about these colors, I would be happy to custom make a leash and collar set for you!  See the custom items on this page to design your own. 

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All items are woven by hand with love from Commercial Type III 550 Paracord. These handmade items not only look cool, but are designed to last for years.  For those not familiar with 550 Paracord, it is very durable and strong. The 550 means it is tested to 550 lbs of pull strength. We have a big dog who sometimes pulls or lunges at cats, so I make everything with strength in mind. Leashes are reinforced with King Cobra stitches by the clasp and the handle and I'm careful about seam placement, so there aren't any weak spots.  I use high quality, heavy duty hardware and test it all out on Baron - and he does put it to the test! All items are washable either by hand or in a gentle cycle in a washing machine.  Air dry only.