Custom Seat Belt clips

Custom Seat Belt clips

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Seat belt clips attach to your dogs’ collar and clip into the seat belt fastener in your car or truck. This helps keep your dog safe in the car. If you have a puppy or rambunctious dog who like to jump from back to front, or jump into your lap while you are driving, this helps keep you safe as well! Also, say you are transporting a rescue dog and aren’t sure how they will behave on a car ride, this keeps both of you safe and allows you to open the door without them jumping out and getting away.

Just select which size you need and let me know what colors you would like in the comments when ordering.

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All items are woven by hand with love from Commercial Type III 550 Paracord. These handmade items not only look cool, but are designed to last for years.  For those not familiar with 550 Paracord, it is very durable and strong. The 550 means it is tested to 550 lbs of pull strength. We have a big, strong German Shepherd Dog who pulls and likes to chase critters, so I make everything with strength in mind. All items are washable either by hand or in a gentle cycle in a washing machine.  Air dry only.