Panhandle to Pines

In the last month and half we've gone from the plains of the Texas Panhandle up to the mountains and then down to the high desert plateaus of Northern New Mexico. Since that’s alot of ground to cover and since I tend to ramble on, I won’t cover all that in this post. From Stonewall Jackson Camp in Holliday, TX we traveled northwest to the Panhandle. We camped at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area, about 30 miles north of Amarillo. Lake Meredith is an artificial reservoir formed by the Sanford Dam on the Canadian River. We've camped here before when visiting family in Amarillo, although not for so long. The campground we chose sits on a bluff overlooking the lake. It's a very nice and well-maintained campground and even has free showers!

Lake Meredith is an interesting area with many camping options and nearby Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument. However, the big downside is the wind. It just never stops. It's also probably why there aren't too many tent campers here! The weather in this part of Texas is also quite unpredictable and changes very quickly. We came back one evening, after doing errands and dinner in Amarillo, to an unexpected huge storm. It was dusk, pouring rain, gale force winds, lightening cracking over the lake. We had to sit in the truck to wait for the worst of it to blow over and I thought the winds would blows us right off the bluff! We flattened the tent each day so it wouldn't get too beat up by the wind, so at least it was still there. However, everything in it was in about three inches of water. We keep our clothing in plastic containers, so fortunately we still had dry clothes. 

Luckily, we also have backpacking gear with us, so we had some dry sleeping pads and sleeping bags and could sleep in the truck. The remnants of the storm lingered and we ended up unloading the truck in the dark, while it was still drizzling, to get set up to sleep in there. So much fun. At least it wasn't cold!

My project the next day was drying out gear. On this day, I appreciated the 90 degree temperatures and blustery winds as everything was dry by the afternoon. Of course, the main challenge was keeping everything from blowing away.

After nearly a month in Texas, from Lake Meredith we headed to the Carson National Forest outside of Angel Fire, New Mexico. It was absolutely gorgeous! I’ll save the details and pictures for the next post! Yes, there will be more photos of cows. I just can’t help it.