Maybe One Day We'll Actually Hike!

How does one have a hiking blog without doing much hiking?  Perhaps this question is why  I put this blog project on the back burner and forget about it as the months go by.  It seems strange to me to have a blog call Hiker Confidential when we're really not getting out that much.  I know I can talk about other stuff.  About what it's like to be getting rid of nearly all your stuff and be homeless by design at 47 years of age.  Certainly not what I expected to be doing at this point in my life.  It seems most people living the van-life or thru-hiking are generally half our age.

Parting with nearly everything is a lot of work!  We've had 5 garage sales in the past year or so. Garage sales are fun and painful and a lot of work all at the same time.  The painful part is practically giving your belongings away when you know the value of them.  Selling them for next to nothing, when you kind of want to hang onto them.  The hardest things to me to part with were those that belonged to or were given to me by my parents.  In a way, letting go of those things was just another step in letting go of them.  Really, anything that was a gift was hard to get rid of.  A friend gave me the great idea of taking pictures of those things before selling or donating them.  Actually, she said to first think of that person, feel thankful for the gift, and then take a picture of it.  Love it.

This has been a long process, but we're getting there.  Our storage in NM is complete and we need to deliver the Miata and the last of our stuff after we wrap up things in Phoenix.  We hope to be hiking soon!


 I was very proud of Rã for building this shed all by himself.  I helped a little with the roof at the end and handled the painting.  I think it came out great!  It just amazes me that we got from an entire household of stuff to this.  And the gear in the truck. ~ Heather