This Way or That Way?
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Can you tell we love our dog?  There will definitely be more pictures of him on this site than us.  So, who are we?  We are two middle-aged folks ready for a change.  Maybe this trek is a result of our respective mid-life crises.  Sounds a tad cliche perhaps. Rã has worked for himself designing custom homes in the Phoenix area for nearly 20 years.  Heather has a diverse background in retail, the corporate world, business ownership and is still trying to figure out what to do with her life.  Baron is our 7 year old GSD, adopted from the wonderful Saving Paws Rescue here in Phoenix in 2012. 

We love to hike, camp, and backpack in Arizona and the the Arizona Trail has been a dream for quite a few years.  We're not just taking some time off, however.  This is really a life-style change and transition. We've rented out the house and we've sold and given away most of our belongings.  We don't really have a plan after the AZT.  If all goes well, perhaps other long distance trails.  It's exciting, and a bit scary at the same time, though, not to have a plan.